I’m excited to present our launch collection. It’s been a while in the making – but isn’t everything that’s worth the wait? I’ve thought long and hard about the details of each piece, but in the end, I always came back to the most important question: how does it make my little boy feel?

His heart-melting smiles were all the motivation I needed.

Mr Mimmo sits in that beautiful space between cool essentials and styled-up sophistication (with fun twists along the way). He loves footy kicks at the local park and Sunday lunch in the garden with family. Chasey in the backyard and best friends’ birthday parties. Plane trips to far-away countries and giggles with the neighbour’s dog.

I created Mr Mimmo because I couldn’t find what I wanted: quality clothes that are stylish, feel great on and offer amazing versatility, whatever the adventure.

Boys’ fashion deserves its moment: Mr Mimmo celebrates style for little misters.

A suitcase
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